Professional project management solutions



We help organizations manage capital projects by overseeing all phases of the process; making sure the project is completed on time, within scope, and budget. We work closely with the architects and engineers to develop plans, establish timelines, and calculate labored material costs in order to provide clear lines of accountability.


Information Technology

At Goldage Elevations we provide a high level IT project management(IT PM) where we manage the plan, organization and accountability to achieve specific information technology goals for our clients. We use the expertise of our highly trained staff to monitor and maintain computer system and networks across organizations.



Goldage Elevations plays the role of advisor and planner in working with internal and external clients to devise and implement solutions. One of our core interests is to help organizations build a project management culture that will help them improve on their project performance.


Project Management

After evaluating and reviewing project execution techniques, we prioritize, assign and automate project tasks and processes in order to ensure efficiency throughout the project life cycle.


Supply chain Management

We design, plan, execute and control networks channels with the objective of creating net value, leveraging logistics demand, synchronizing supply with demand while providing products and services needs for our clients.


Trainings & Capacity Building

We offer teaching/developing vocational skills and knowledge that are specifically useful to individuals/organizations with specific goals of improving their capability, capacity, productivity, and performance. At Goldage Elevations, we offer various flexible career development training workshops aimed at individuals and organizations seeking support to effect a wide range of career transitions.



As part of our bouquet of services, we locate and secure various resources that our clients require. We find, qualify and procure specific types of resources including but not limited to raw materials, medical equipment, consumables, various reagents, and chemicals. We also provide services that make it possible for clients to secure any type of resources they require haven evaluated their needs and desires. Our team of qualified procurement officers ensures that they obtain the best prices possible from all prospective vendors and communicate the same to our clients before purchases are concluded.

Our aims are to operate with high standards of quality, commercial awareness, safety communication & welfare

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